Maine Crisp Company

And thus, it began

And thus, it began

1st ShipmentAbout a year ago, I created these crisps and gave samples to a few stores in Maine. They liked them and immediately placed orders, and within a few days received their first shipments. They were my first commercial shipments. This event began a year of hard work, uncertainty and excitement.

Despite my initial nervousness about starting a new business, what has thrilled me most and helped to overcome my doubts was the immediate response of those "store tasters".  Their willingness to order product from a small, brand new producer was encouraging.  My gratitude and appreciation for those initial buyers continues to this day.

I intend to grow this business so that everyone can enjoy the bounty of Maine farm products. I especially want people who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance to enjoy a tasty, healthy snack. Any new business will face challenges, but seeing the satisfaction and the smiles of those taking that first crispy bite has spurred me on!