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Gluten-Free! Awesomely crispy, chewy and nutty.

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Made in Good Spirit

Maine Crisps are delectable crackers meticulously handcrafted from simple natural ingredients inspired by the coast-to-coast culinary adventures (and obsessions!) of founders Karen and Steve Getz. Made from naturally gluten-free buckwheat, studded with a special mix of organic seeds, berries and nuts, they’re awesomely crispy, chewy and nutty.

Ingredients, Sourced with Care

We are committed to finding the most delicious ingredients for our crisps and to supporting responsible farming, starting with the natural buckwheat from a small farm up the road in Maine that we use in every crisp. (Don’t let the name distract you -- buckwheat is a gluten-free, protein-packed seed!) Each deliberately chosen ingredient reflects our mission to delight you. In a cracker!

Award-Winning, Served by Top Chefs

Some of America’s best chefs serve Maine Crisps on their cheese boards. They love them because the balanced flavors and terrific texture pair perfectly with fine cheese and charcuterie. That the crackers are gluten-free is a happy benefit -- all diners can enjoy them. The chefs know a good thing when they taste it. So will you. Maine Crisps are not just for cheese! They make a great snack on their own. Tuck them in Lunch boxes. Backpacks. Purses, and Picnic baskets. 



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