Crisp Community Kudos

“These are an exceptional alternative to any kind of cracker you can find, they have a beautiful texture and flavor profile.” – Alexis G., chef/owner, Alice and Lulu’s, Sugarloaf Village

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with a gluten-free crisp, but the flavor and texture are wonderful.  I love that Maine Crisp Company has embraced using product sourced locally and they have been a wonderful addition to our restaurant menu.  Karen is also a pleasure to work with, very professional.  Thanks for such a great product Maine Crisp Company.” – Chefs Josh Berry and Matt Duley, Union Restaurant, Portland

“Maine Crisps are a treat to myself!” – Lori A., Grafton, Mass.

“Love them! Delish!”  Rebecca, ME

“I’m a super-foodie and have celiac disease. Maine Crisps are an exciting cracker that I can enjoy, not a poor replacement! I eat them every day!” – Charlie R., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“These are nutty, subtle and interesting.”  Eileen C. Houston, TX, former restaurateur

“I think you are brilliant, these are everything a cracker should be. Crispy, enough salt, and enough sweetness to pair with cheese. Especially goat cheese.” – Cheryl, C Salt Gourmet Market, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“Nutty, fruity, herby and gluten-free. So delicious, you won’t be able to stop eating these!” – Jennifer, Owner, Main Street Markets, Rockland, ME

“We are in LOVE with the crackers.” – Kelley, Head Cheesemonger, Provisions, Northampton, MA

“Maine Crisp is not an ordinary gluten-free food, it’s gourmet food that anybody would like. I happen to be fortunate that it’s gluten-free.” – Michelle R., Atlanta

“Thank you so much for offering such a delicious and healthy cracker! Love’em!” – Tony, Gloucester, MA