NEXTY Awards finalists: 2023 Natural Products Expo East

August 30, 2023 1 min read

NEXTY Awards finalists: 2023 Natural Products Expo East

We are thrilled that our new Better With Buckwheat crackers have been selected as a 2023 NEXTY Finalist! Our Sea Salt flavor has been named a finalist in the Best New Savory or Salty Snack category:

"Maine farmers grow loads of buckwheat, which they rotate in the same fields that support the state’s vibrant potato industry. And while Down Easters do eat buckwheat—they even hold a festival to celebrate ploye, a kind of buckwheat pancake—much of the Maine crop gets exported to Japan (soba noodles), France (Brittany-style crepes) and Eastern Europe (blini). Now, however, Maine Crisp Co. sources its naturally gluten-free main ingredient from buckwheat farmers in its home state, as well as New York and the Upper Midwest, and turns the flour (crafted in a 19th century New York mill) into crunchy, flaky crackers. Eschewing preservatives, artificial flavors and sugar, these protein-rich, high-fiber snacks are pollinator friendly."

Check out the gallery of finalists here.

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