Maine Crisp Company Begins Distribution with Associated Buyers

January 24, 2019 2 min read

Maine Crisp Company Begins Distribution with Associated Buyers

Waterville, ME (January 24, 2019)  -  Maine Crisp Company began distribution with New Hampshire-based distributor, Associated Buyers. Maine Crisp co-founder Karen Getz said, “With a long history in specialty foods and a specific buying criteria, Associated is a great fit for our current customers and those outside our reach”.

The owner and CEO of Associated Buyers, Karta Owens, was enthusiastic about the new brand coming to the Associated family. After product sampling and training of the sales team, the Associated staff took on many of the current Maine Crisp accounts and began offering products to new stores. Steve Getz, Maine Crisp co-founder said, “Associated is well known asthe distributor for new specialty food manufacturers with natural and organic products in New England. They have a strict purchasing criteria and know what they are eating and why. That kind of product knowledge serves their customers well and we are pleased to be working with them as our premiere stocking distributor in New England.”

Maine Crisp will sample and sell at the annual Associated Buyers table-top show located at Thompson’s Point in Portland, Maine later this spring. Vendors have the opportunity to launch new products, write orders, and meet specialty and natural retailer accounts. 

About Associated Buyers

We are a small natural and specialty foods wholesale company, serving the Northeast from our warehouse and offices in Southern New Hampshire. We began in the mid-seventies as a few people serving local markets and have grown into a small company with a diverse account base that includes retail stores, bakeries, institutions, producers and buying clubs across New England. We are known for our friendly, reliable customer service and our diverse product mix which includes many ethnic foods, bulk goods, regionally-made specialties and natural foods.

About Maine Crisp
Founded and operating out of Waterville, Maine, Maine Crisp Company is a pioneer in using naturally gluten-free buckwheat and a unique combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. The resulting crackers are being served in some of the finest cheese shops and specialty food stores in the nation.  The three flavors are Wild Blueberry Walnut, Cranberry Almond and Cinnamon Maple. They will be joined by others as the company grows.

Contact: Steve Getz
Co-founder/VP of Marketing
Maine Crisp Company


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