Maine Crisp Secures $600,000 in Funding From Successful Specialty Food Entrepreneur

July 17, 2019 2 min read

Maine Crisp Secures $600,000 in Funding From Successful Specialty Food Entrepreneur

Waterville, ME (July 17, 2019)  - Maine Crisp Company secured $600,000 in debt funding from Deep River Snacks founder, Jim Goldberg through his investment firm, ESM Capital.  Goldberg successfully grew Deep River to $45M a year at which point the business was acquired by Arca Continental in 2017. He subsequently founded ESM Capital and started a new business, ReThunk Foods.  

Co-founders Karen Getz and Steve Getz visited Goldberg at his Connecticut office to provide initial sampling and receive a product review. Goldberg’s enthusiastic response regarding product flavor and quality, as well as current branding, resulted in a quick investment to follow. The Getzs were pleased to receive key packaging insights from Goldberg and plan to utilize that feedback for designing the third round of Maine Crisp packaging.

Maine Crisp CEO, Michael J. Ross, affirmed the importance of funding from a success story in the specialty snack business, saying, “As a proven food entrepreneur, Jim’s advice and choice to invest in the company speaks volumes to the quality of our products, their taste and the market opportunity we have identified using buckwheat for a premium cracker.  His business acumen and integrity are well known and we look forward to his looking over our shoulder as we grow the business”.

About Jim Goldberg
Jim was founder and CEO of Deep Rivers snacks, later sold to Arca (parent of Wise); founder of ESM Capital and ReThunk Brands.

About Maine Crisp
Founded and operating out of Waterville, Maine, Maine Crisp Company is a pioneer in using naturally gluten-free buckwheat and a unique combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. The resulting crackers are being served in some of the finest cheese shops and specialty food stores in the nation.  The three flavors are Wild Blueberry Walnut, Cranberry Almond and Cinnamon Maple. They will be joined by others as the company grows.


Contact: Steve Getz
Co-founder/VP of Marketing
Maine Crisp Company

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